Tracking The Ideal DSLR

When you upgrade from your first digital camera to a digital SLR, the stakes increase dramatically. A dSLR generally costs quite a bit more than the average point-and-shoot digital camera, so you want to make the right purchase the first time.

You also want to buy into a camera product line that has all the accessories you may want to buy in the future. Owning a very cool digital single lens reflex camera is little comfort if you can’t find that special external electronic flash that you need or an underwater housing that you absolutely must have.

The high stakes extend into the future, too. The dSLR that you buy now will grow when you add lenses and other accessories, and you want to be able to use those same add-ons with whatever camera eventually replaces your current pride and joy. SLR camera buyers have known for years that you can easily get locked into a particular camera system, so selecting the right camera today is a little like choosing a spouse.

If the photographic marriage doesn’t last forever, starting over with a new mate can be expensive and full of heartache. This chapter helps you choose your ideal dSLR now to ensure your future happiness. Features for Now and the Future Some have said that once, in the 1950s, a world-famous photographer was preparing to shoot a portrait of an important business executive.

The captain of industry watched him set up and made conversation by observing proudly, “I see you use a Leica. So do I.” Cracking a faint smile, the famed lensman replied, “I see your secretary uses a Royal typewriter. So does Hemingway.” The best camera in the world can produce mediocre pictures in the hands of a clumsy photographer. Conversely, a creative mind can produce stunning images when armed with the simplest of cameras.

Figure 3-1 is far from a stunning photograph, but I took it with a $200 point-and-shoot camera and a pair of $10 high-intensity desk lamps for illumination. I didn’t use any fancy close-up or macro lenses. You don’t need an expensive camera to take good pictures.

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